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Cruises can take you and your loved one to exciting and beautiful destinations.

A cruise might just be the perfect way to spend some time with that special someone. Whether you’re going on your first trip together, planning a honeymoon or celebrating decades together, cruises get you out of your usual environment and into the mood for romance. Here are a few cruise tips that will help you make sure your time at sea is swoon-worthy:

1. Consider atmosphere
The cruise you pick will have a huge impact on the tone of your vacation, so make sure you’re taking the atmosphere of the ship into account when planning your voyage. If you and your significant other like fast-paced vacations with tons of options and amenities, a large luxury cruise ship could be right for you. Some couples are more reserved, however, and would prefer a quieter cruise. In this case, a small cruise focused on excursions can help you avoid big crowds onboard.

2. Compromise
The most important thing for any couple’s vacation is compromise. There are going to be times where you want to do something your SO thinks will be boring, and vice versa. While you don’t have to give in every single time, make sure you both get to do things that interest you. If the vacation is all about one person, the other is bound to feel at least a little bitter about the imbalance. Compromising on plans will help ensure you each have a great time.

3. Plan excursions
Even if you’re on a huge liner with tons of amenities, make sure you take advantage of the off-ship excursions. One of the coolest things about cruising is getting the chance to explore brand-new places, and who better to explore with than your beloved? Although compromise should certainly come into play here, try to book excursions that appeal to both of you. Think about your strengths as a pair. Are you both very active? Try a hike. Do you love to learn new things together? See if there’s a historical tour. Try to plan for outings that celebrate how great you are together.

4. Enjoy fine dining
Although the onboard meal hall might be great, make a reservation at one of the nice restaurants on your cruise. Even though you’d already be eating together, enjoying a fancy meal feels a lot more like a date than just having the usual. If you can, reserve a table that’s as isolated as possible, so it feels like it’s just the two of you.

5. See a show
Consider checking out some of the cruise ship’s entertainment options. Cruises often have some seriously interesting shows available for passengers, so you’re likely to see something incredible. Not only will seeing a show help you make the most of your cruise, but it will also give you and your significant other something fun to talk about. The great news is this works even on the off-chance you don’t like the performance – then you’ll have something to commiserate about.

6. Splurge on something
Make room for your budget for at least one completely luxurious treat – more if you can swing it. This kind of splurging will help you and your loved one get into the romantic getaway spirit. After all, the whole point of vacation is to take a break from your day-to-day commitments, so why not make that break as exciting as possible? Again, tailor this treat around what you like most as a couple. If you’re looking to relax, a massage for two might be perfect. Couples looking for adventure can add an extra excursion or two to their voyage. Whatever it is, give yourself that little something extra.

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  1. Please give me details about Norwegian Sun cruise coming up in a few days departing from Buenos Aires and having port in Chile,,falcon Islands. Activities on board requiring specific dress? For example white night?

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