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5 Things Cruise Lines Aren’t Likely to Tell You

Planned a cruise trip for the very first time? Need inside information regarding the cruise and what to expect? Well, then you should learn about these secrets of cruise lines. They do not reveal certain information which is important for you, as a traveler to know. It is important for you to be aware of cruise tips and tricks when you book a cruise and are about to travel in about a month’s time:

Hidden Costs

When booking a trip with a cruise line, make sure you read the terms and conditions very carefully before finalizing your payment. Usually, cruise lines do not inform travelers that they will have to pay for food, fountain sodas, internet services, etc. When the traveler has utilized these services, they are charged for it and have to pay at the end of their trip. Save yourself from this financial mini-heart attack and be well informed of the cruise’s policies.


Just like Titanic – a number of cruise lines guarantee a safe trip, but we all know what happened! Ensure your safety by learning about the experiences of the previous customers of the cruise you are booking. Understand that there will always be a risk element, but sadly the same risk element is present in all travel modes. Learn about the safety procedures that the cruise possesses in cases of emergencies.

Health Concerns

No cruise line will admit, but there are health concerns for travelers. One of the biggest concerns is the breakout of Norovirus. Usually travels are unable to detect that they are suffering from a disease, rather they take it as seasickness. Before you decide to travel, make sure that you know all about Norovirus and its preventive measures.

Tour Guide

A very common service that cruise lines offer along with cruise reservations is the selection of a tour guide. They encourage travelers to hire a tour guide so that they can visit the best places of their vacation destination. Be informed that they offer this service at a very high rate and are interested in earning profits only. You can hire a tour guide yourself without involving your cruise line, at a much lower rate.

Money Back Policies

This is one of the most essential elements which you should investigate before you make a booking. There may be emergencies or cases which would require you to cancel your cruise booking. Learn about the money back policies of the cruise line, because as the departure date approaches, cruise lines reduce the amount of your refund. If any cruise line does not disclose their money back policies, ask them or you will end up losing your hard-earned money!

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