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You'll have all sorts of creepy fun on a Halloween cruise.

Halloween is one of the most exciting parts of fall. If you’re trying to figure out the best ways to spend the holiday, consider checking out a Halloween cruise. There’s always something fun about heading out on a themed voyage: Add in the spooky excitement of All Hallow’s Eve, and you’ve got one unforgettable vacation. Here are the four spooky holiday cruises you should consider checking out:

1. Disney’s Halloween on the High Seas
Disney goes all out with costumes all year round, so Halloween is a particularly exciting time to see what they have in store. On Disney’s October cruises, the spooky spirit is definitely in the air: Themed events include pumpkin carving, ghost stories and a “The Nightmare Before Christmas” sing-along. There are tons of activities designed for the whole family, but adults also get some time away from the kids with the cruise’s grown-ups only costume party.

2. Carnival Halloween Cruises
If you’re shipping off with Carnival Cruises during October, you can expect to experience some great Halloweeny fun. The ship offers onboard screenings of scary movies, as well as group ghost story sessions and, of course, costume contests. Bring along your best costume: Competition gets pretty fierce. Some cruises also offer on-ship trick-or-treating for kids.

3. Spirit Cruises’ Halloween Boo Cruise
If you’re looking for a one-night only Halloween cruise, the Halloween Boo Cruise in Washington, D.C. is a great pick. It’s basically a giant ship-held costume party, complete with drinks, appetizers and a great D.J. This cruise is exclusively for adults over the age of 21, so it’s a great pick for those without kids, or parents looking for a night away.

4. Royal Caribbean Halloween
If you’re on a Royal Caribbean Cruise on October 31, you’re in for a real treat. Your experience will be different depending on the cruise – on one, the day starts off with the ship being taken over by a group of zombies who get guests excited about the costume contest that evening. You don’t have to bring along a stellar ensemble to win a contest, however: Other Halloween contests are held as well.: You can channel your inner wolf for its “Howl at the Moon” contest, or show off your horror-movie sound effect skills by letting on your most chilling scream. Other ships have haunted houses, dance parties and, of course, some trick-or-treating throughout the ship.

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