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by cruisecritic.com

Even the most fervent sailing fans are bound to suffer burnout, at least when it comes to certain cruise ports. Once you’ve climbed Dunn’s River Falls, do you really need to go back to Ocho Rios? And sure, Monaco holds the glamorous appeal of the Grimaldi Royal Family — but there’s only so many times you can gawk at the Grand Casino before ennui sets in.

Here is our unofficial list of worst cruise ports for a repeat visit. Lest we sound jaded, keep in mind that every cruiser has their own list of likes and dislikes — and we’re making our decision based on the variety of things to do. Cozumel or Cabo San Lucas, for example, might feel “been there, done that” and be at the top of some worst cruise ports lists, but cruise lines and tour operators in those ports always seem to be coming up with new excursions and activities.

Read on for our list of worst cruise ports for repeaters — and ideas for how you can make your next stop better.

If you read the Cruise Critic forums, you’ll soon learn that many veteran sailors never even get off the ship in this Bahamas stalwart — and we can’t say we blame them. Perhaps it’s because they’ve been to the archipelago’s capital so many times, they’re over it. (Nassau appears on almost every Bahamas and Eastern Caribbean itinerary.) Or maybe they are saving their beach time for a cruise line private island, many of which are also in the Bahamas.

Something Different: Food tours of local restaurants and markets have come to Nassau — and it’s become one of our favorite recommendations to get beyond the pre-fab fun of Atlantis and other resorts.

The first time cruisers visit this Jamaican port stop, they’ll be encouraged to climb Dunn’s River Falls, often joining hands with others making the rocky climb in a human chain. The second time cruisers visit Ocho Rios, they may be left wondering what the heck to do. The port is particularly challenging for people who dislike tours or who aren’t active.

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